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By S. Coleman Charlton, Kurt H. Fischer, Jeff Yette

ISBN-10: 1558065512

ISBN-13: 9781558065512

Placed quickly and livid strive against into your experience! hands legislation gives you myth and medieval melee and missile assaults with realistic-plus effects. easy to take advantage of, you are going to puncture, minimize, or overwhelm your foes with convincing fatality!Arms legislations expands the wrestle approach from Rolemaster delusion position taking part in to its complete breadth.Attacks from dozens of guns are all dealt with another way in order that every one weapon has a special believe and style. a similar is correct for animal assaults and different adverse maneuvers like falling, brawling, and martial's now not the bruises that kill! serious harm is what wastes your enemies! hands legislations offers a dozen sorts of serious moves -- defined in brilliant element -- that let you graphically describe the brutality to strive against!

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0H Strike failed to connect well. +1H +3H 16-20 +1H-π 21-35 Convince foe of his peril by just missing his abdomen. +2H – (π-10) +2H – π (+10) 36-45 +2H – 2π Cheap shot to foe's shin. ∫ Foe's evasion exposes his back to your strike. (-10) ∑–∫ with leg greaves:+5H – π w/o leg greaves: +2H – ∫ Blow to back damages any equipment worn there. +2H – π You wound foe in hip. Strike strips equipment from right side of waist. Strike along foe's calf. The damage takes a moment to show. +3H – π ∑ – 2∫ +2H – 2∫ – (-10) Strike to upper leg rips clothing.

Cut foe with the smallest of slashes. ∫ Blow to foe's back. Foe attempts to ward you off with a wild swing. +2H – (π-30) Blow to foe's chest. Foe stumbles back and puts up a feeble guard. +2H – (π-25) – ∫ b +1H Firm shot. Good recovery. Try again. c +3H +2H +3H – ∑∏ Your attack is weak. e +3H +5H +4H – π ∑∏ – (+10) Strong blow to foe's ribs. Foe drops his guard and almost his weapon. +3H – ∫ – (-10) Arm and chest strike. Foe cannot defend Foe avoids your main effort, but you nick himself for a moment.

10H – 3∑ – 2∏ – (-10) Strike twists foe's knee. +10H – 2∑∏ – (-20) 86-90 Strike foe in lower back. Muscles and cartilege are damaged. +12H – 3∑∏ – (-25) Break foe's nose. 91-95 with nose guard: +10H – 2∑∏ w/o nose guard: +15H – 3∑∏ 96-99 Blow to foe's head. If foe has no helm, he is dead. If foe has a helm, he is knocked down. +20H – 6∑ 100 +50H – (+20) +15H – 2∑ – (-15) Blow to foe's thigh causes his right leg to falter for a moment. +10H – ∑∏ – (-10) +10H – ∑ – (-15) Blow to foe's shield arm.

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