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This publication sheds new gentle on Appositive Relative Clauses (ARCs), a constitution that's quite often studied from a in simple terms syntactic viewpoint, against Determinative (or Restrictive) Relative Clauses (DRCs). during this quantity, ARCs are tested from a discourse/pragmatic standpoint, independently of DRCs, in an effort to supply a good definition of the constitution. After a presentation of the morphosyntactic, semantic and pragmatic features of ARCs, a taxonomy in their services in discourse is validated for either written and spoken English in accordance with the result of a corpus-based research. Constraints are then outlined inside an information-packaging method of syntactic buildings to teach why audio system decide on ARCs over different competing allostructures, i.e. syntactic constructions that fulfil related discourse features (e.g. nominal appositives, self sustaining clauses, adverbials, noun premodifiers, topicalization). the outcome is a deeper figuring out of the richness of ARCs of their normal contexts of use.

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70) The possibility can’t be ruled out that she will call an early election. (Huddleston & Pullum 2002: 966) Finally, and contrary to what Huddleston & Pullum (2002) claim, there are examples in which an ARC precedes a DRC, and these examples are perfectly acceptable. The DRC is separated from its antecedent by a digression marked by 25 26 Appositive Relative Clauses in English punctuation. For that kind of sentence to be acceptable, the only condition is that the DRC be the only element that follows the ARC (Emonds 1979: 222): (71) We found that movie, which cost plenty, that you so highly recommended.

French ARCs with sentential antecedents are not introduced by que/qui but ce que/ce qui or NP + que/qui (128): (127) J’ai trouvé un livre par terre, lequel avait été perdu par un étudiant. (= ARC) I have found a book on the floor, the which had been lost by a student. I found a book on the floor, which had been lost by a student. a. *J’ai trouvé un livre lequel avait été perdu par un étudiant. (= DRC) I found a book the which had been lost by a student. 12. We are not beyond reproach in this matter, especially in Chapter 1.

Commenting on these observations, Arnold (2004: 18) suggests that ARCs are interpreted semantically like independent clauses while retaining all the syntactic characteristics typical of embedded clauses. 2 De Vries (2002, 2006). Several researchers have explicitly argued in favor of the existence of a coordination link between an ARC and its host. Among them is De Vries, who suggests the existence of a specifying coordination link (symbolized ‘&:P’ in his work) between the ARC and its antecedent.

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