Animal Simples. Approved for Modern Uses of Cure by W. T. Fernie PDF

By W. T. Fernie

ISBN-10: 1483166740

ISBN-13: 9781483166742

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In some recorded cases, the immediate sequence of bee stinging has been a short severe attack of asthmatic, difficult breathing. On dogs the venom of the Honey bee acts in the same way as the venom of the adder. German researches have detected in the bee-poison a small quantity of supposed formic acid (that of ants); but as this retains its venomous character in spite of submission to heat, it more probably partakes of the nature of an alkaloid.. Boiling water poured on newly killed Worker bees makes Bee Tea, which is found to be of assistance for a straining, painful difficulty in passing water (strangury), as likewise for dropsy of the kidneys and heart.

When taken experimentally in full toxic doses by healthy provers, the sting venom has caused symptoms BEE. 45 (liftused over the general skin, and the lining mucous membranes, similar to those which affect the skin locally when a sting is inflicted upon it. ) physician prescribes the venom in dilution as a medicinal tincture of great virtue for obviating erysipelas, especially of the head and face; likewise for relieving a puffy sore throat with much loose swelling about the tonsils ; also for dropsy of the limbs which has followed a chill, or is connected with passive inactivity of the kidneys.

American savages obtain an oil from the tail of the Beaver which they apply as an external embrocation. Theophrastus Paracelsus (Dr. Hester, 1633), ordered "To make oyle of castoreum, take the fattest that thou can get, and stampe it well ; then put it into a glasse and set it to putrifie in balnco manœ five or six dayes, then distill it with a soft tire, and thou shalt have an excellent oyle. This is good against all cold cramps and palsies, being mixt with Rew (rue) and vinegar, and put into the nostrills it comforteth the braine, and taketh away paines of the head.

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Animal Simples. Approved for Modern Uses of Cure by W. T. Fernie

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