Download e-book for iPad: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Saddleback Classics) by Mark Twain, Alan Munro, Trout Lake Media

By Mark Twain, Alan Munro, Trout Lake Media

ISBN-10: 1562542508

ISBN-13: 9781562542504

ISBN-10: 1562542516

ISBN-13: 9781562542511

The definitive American novel. an exceptional good fortune because it used to be first released. Required studying. some of the most stress-free novels ever written.

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D. Uncle Silas had not come to fetch him. 4. What did Huck and Tom tell the Phelps family? a. They complained about being sent to bed. c. They said that Tom was his brother, Sid. b. They said that Aunt Polly was coming soon. d. They asked to go into town that night. 5. How did Huck feel when he saw what happened to the King and the Duke? a. He was afraid the crowd would attack him next. c. He and Tom started to laugh. b. He was glad they finally got caught. d. He felt sorry for the pitiful rascals.

Use library resources to find information. 3. Make a diorama depicting one of the important scenes in the story. 4. Ask a librarian to help you find a recipe for a dish that was popular at the time depicted in the story. Make it for the class. 5. Make a chart showing “then and now” comparisons between the story’s location and people at the time the novel is set and as it is today. 6. Use a cassette recorder to make an audiotape of any two chapters of the novel. com 41 28 SADDLEBACK CLASSICS PLOT STUDY: _________________________________________________________ (TITLE OF NOVEL) NAME DATE Five elements make up a plot: characters, setting, conflict, climax, and conclusion.

C. sue Miss Watson for scaring him so badly. b. get a nice raft of his own. d. take a wonderful long vacation. com 39 THE ADVENTURES OF 26 HUCKLEBERRY FINN FINAL EXAM, PART 2 NAME DATE Answer the questions in your own words. Be sure to write in complete sentences. 1. ” __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2.

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