T.V. How's Advances in Hemodynamics and Hemorheology PDF

By T.V. How

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ISBN-13: 9780080551562

ISBN-10: 1559386347

ISBN-13: 9781559386340

This sequence offers studies protecting all features of haemodynamics and haemorheology. subject matters coated contain the complexities of microcirculation, the rheology of blood and blood vessels, and the mechanics of blood stream in arteries and veins. The contributions goal to mirror the advances being made in experimental recommendations and instrumentation for laboratory and scientific measurements and in numerical and mathematical modelling. Emphasis is put on the medical and engineering ideas concerned, yet specific consciousness is additionally given to the medical value of this quarter of analysis. issues lined by means of this quantity contain viscoelastic houses of blood and blood analogues; blood move via slender tubes; and numerical modelling of blood stream.

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