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By Carl Bowen

ISBN-10: 1565046315

ISBN-13: 9781565046313

It truly is extra strong than countries. It controls extra novas than the other entity on the planet. it truly is venture Utopia, stalwart mum or dad of Earth. Utopia has ended wars, cured illnesses and kept complete populations from hunger. So why are a few novas so hell-bent to take it down?

This sourcebook info undertaking Utopia and the novas who serve it. a complete association together with subsidiaries workforce the next day to come and venture Proteus is roofed in minute aspect during this 144-page tome.

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Mental duels in the Spring Court usually involve solving a problem quickly, drawing on common sense and ingenuity rather than specific knowledge. Even when a change- ling has to use what he knows, the Skills involved tend to be practical rather than theoretical — the changeling will be asked to use the Skill and create something, rather than just think about it. Social duels, of course, are what most changelings think of if someone mentions “Spring Court duels,” whether it’s justified or not. It’s true that the Court of Desire produces some of the most passionate works of art imaginable, and its members’ attention to humanity allows them a constantly evolving base of knowledge with which to approach such duels.

Their blessing grants the 8-again rule for any Survival roll, which includes navigating in the Hedge (Changeling: The Lost p. 219), so even in urban centers they can be useful as guides and watchers over the trods that might lead to vulnerable areas. Fields of Battle Unlike mortal wars, changelings fight on battlefields far more exotic than the deserts of the Middle East or the jungles of Southeast Asia. They fight on city streets, to be sure, but they also fight in twisting labyrinths of thorn and vine, in invisible fortresses hidden under bridges, and even in the dreaming minds of mortal and fae alike.

The usual point about duels being secondary to physical, understandable crimes doesn’t apply here — a changeling might challenge his brother’s murderer to a duel before the subject is convicted (or even accused) of the murder. Of course, it is possible to challenge a changeling to this sort of duel to avoid or even taint an investigation into such a crime. If the accuser murdered his brother himself, but then challenges his brother’s enemy to a duel and kills him, in many changelings’ minds that sets the seal on the enemy’s guilt.

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