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This booklet specializes in the lessons of 13th-century chinese language Zen grasp Shiqui Xinyue. The koans, tales, and poems of the Zen grasp followed via explanatory notes from the editor include the majority of the textual content, that is preceded via an inadequately short historic review of chinese language Buddhism. these looking extra entire info could be suggested towards Arthur F. Wright's Buddhism in chinese language heritage (Stanford Univ. Pr., 1971). additionally, the editor doesn't identify the categorical resource rfile for his translation, easily calling it a "collection of Zen teachings." even though, the 141 anecdotal teachings are in transparent, concise English and the explanatory notes aid with the paradoxical statements and allusions.

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In trying to convey how encounters with a number of humans fueled the writing of his bestsellers The Tao of Physics and The Turning element, Capra's new booklet is alternately superficial and meaty. That he as soon as sat subsequent to Alan Watts at a cocktail party, heard Krishnamurti lecture and exchanged observations with Indira Gandhi is revealing of not anything; nor is the exact synopsis of the author's studying conduct. extra attention-grabbing are conversations recorded right here with physicists Werner Heisenberg and Geoffrey bite, psychotherapists Stanislav Grof and R. D. Laing, economists Hazel Henderson and E. F. Schumacher, and with figures reminiscent of platforms theorist Gregory Bateson, holistic melanoma therapist Carl Simonton and feminist Charlene Spretnak. How Capra got here to understand parallels among sleek physics and jap mysticism, then went past this to a structures standpoint embracing ecology and non secular knowledge, is the heady subject of this self-preoccupied yet usually stimulating set of talks.

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Capra, writer of The Tao of Physics , is legendary for his distinctive mix of physics and mysticism. the following he strains the advance of his idea via proposing a sequence of conversations with many influential thinkers, together with Werner Heisenberg, R. D. Laing, Alan Watts, and Margaret Lock. those conversations happened among 1969 and the "Big Sur Dialogues" symposium in 1979 and variety in topic from technology to politics, anthropology to holistic drugs. Capra feels that his contribution has been simply to set up hyperlinks among the tips of those hugely unique thinkers, all of whom figured principally in his evolution from a traditional physicist to the spokesman for a brand new imaginative and prescient of reality.

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Fritjof Capra got his PhD in theoretical physics from the college of Vienna and has performed learn in high-energy physics at a number of eu and American universities. Capra has written and lectured generally in regards to the philosophical implications of contemporary technology and is writer of 'The Tao of Physics', 'The Turning Point' and 'Uncommon Wisdom'. presently Director of the Centre for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California, he lives in Berkeley along with his spouse and daughter.

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R. Abraham ibn Ezra was once alive throughout the 12 century, and was/is a popular commentator and writer inside of Kabbalistic experiences.

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This is as true today as it was a thousand years ago. Likewise, a sentimental longing for "spirituality” and a taste for the exotic does not automatically make someone a Zen student. Modern people interested in Zen should be thankful that the authentic masters of the tradition were so clear in their analysis of what can go wrong with misconceived approaches to the teaching. We should heed their warnings. Sectarian biases, blind adherence to inherited routines, dogmatism, putting on airs of wisdom and mystery, power trips and mind games: these are clear signals that the "Zen followers” in question are rank pretenders.

W ith the usual internal dialogue interrupted, the 32 A Tune Beyond the Clouds limiting description of the world it maintains also ceases, and the wider reality can come into view. Many people incorporated the buddha-name recitation of Pure Land Buddhism into their Zen practice. In Zen usage, chanting the buddhaname was a way to focus the mind on Buddha: a moment of pure mind­ fulness of Buddha is the Pure Land. ” The Zen school had a special stock of sayings and stories which were used as focal points in meditation.

Buddha Mind and the Human Mind In Zen discourse, the word ’mind’ is used in two basic senses. On the one hand, 'm ind’ means the mentality of ordinary unen­ lightened human beings, the so-called ’mind of delusion’. This is the mind that is shaped by one’s upbringing and culture, the mind that has been conditioned by the circumstances and formative influences to which people are exposed throughout their lives. This mind is governed by patterns of aversion and attraction that dictate one’s values and preferences and choices.

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