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This publication treats the topic of analytic capabilities of 1 or extra actual variables utilizing, nearly completely, the innovations of actual research. This process dramatically alters the normal development of principles and brings formerly overlooked arguments to the fore. the 1st bankruptcy calls for just a heritage in calculus; the remedy is almost self-contained. because the publication progresses, the reader is brought to extra subtle themes requiring extra historical past and perseverance. whilst really complex issues are reached, the publication shifts to a extra expository mode, with pursuits of introducing the reader to the theorems, supplying context and examples, and indicating assets within the literature.

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Then f is continuous and has continuous, real analytic partial derivatives of all orders. Further, the indefinite integral o f f with respect to any variable is real analytic. Proof: Let f be represented near a by the power series We can choose T > 0 such that the series converges at a + t , where t = (T,T , . . ,T) E Rm. But then we see that there is a constant C such that la,l~I'I 5 C holds. Choose 0 < p < 1, and consider x with 1xj - ajl 5 pT for j = 1, 2 . , m. For the derived series we can estimate and the last series is seen to converge by the ratio test.

1 A set S c R" is called an m-dimensional real analytic submanifold if for each p E S there exists an open subset U C Rm and a real analytic function f : U -+ Rn which maps open subsets of U onto relatively open subsets of S and which is such that p E f (U) and rank[Df (u)] = m, Vu E U. This definition requires a real analytic submanifold t o be locally parameterizable. 2 Let S be a subset of R". The following are eqdvalent: 1. 9. REAL ANALYTIC SUBMANIFOLDS OF Rn 39 c Rn, a real analytic difleumorphism 0 : V -+ R", and an m-dimensional linear subspace L of R" such that 2.

2 The Whitney decomposition of an open set R E W~ an be taken so that no point of R is contained in more than 1 2 of ~ the cubes. 3 (Partition of Unity) Let R E lRN be an open set and {Qj) a Whitney decomposition for R.

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