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By John Colarusso

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This is often the 1st accomplished grammar of a non-Indo-European language from the Northwest Caucasian family members in a language except Russian that covers all parts of the grammar. Kabardian is complicated at each point. The language taken care of isn't the literary typical, yet Kabardian because it was once present in texts & within the mouths of Kabardians. This research is an increase over grammatical sketches of comparable languages in that it offers a whole account of the phonology & morphology of the language, accounting for what have been formerly often called 'random variants'. The e-book provides the reader the 1st account of the syntax of this language. it is going to supply the realm professional entry to the language. it is going to supply the linguist drawn to complicated languages entry to a very tricky language, & it's going to supply the theoretical linguist entry to a language that shows topological exotica at each point of its grammar, from phonetics to the lexicon.

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The normally stressed syllable of 'melt water' (parenthetical form of (12d)) is thus built upon an epenthetic vowel. Citation stress will play a crucial role in dealing with the status of/a/ in the next section. 6 The Vowels I have taken the conservative position that Kabardian has two vowels (13). 1 Controversy There is an enormous amount of controversy surrounding the predictability of /o/. In many cases hi can be said to be epenthetic (see (12d)), but in many others it appears best to take /o/ as underlying (see Colarusso (1982) for full references).

Sea-skin 'surface of the sea' b. /wa-fa/ —> /waafa/ —> [wd',fa£>] sky-skin 'heaven,sky' c. /] under-conn-throw-dat 'lining (of a garment)' Rule R8 (33) would account for such full-grades. (33) R8, Full-grades in nouns and adjectives C(C)a -ksyllabic -> [+long] / # +low [+noun/adjective] 28 2. 2 Exceptions (34). Only a few forms appear to be irregular exceptions, as in (34) Some unpredictable exceptions to full-grade a. /baaS/ 'walking stick' b. ' c. / are systematic exceptions to the fullgrade rule.

The glides [-consonantal, +continuant, +sonorant] (Chomsky and Halle 1968) pattern as consonants. 2 Points of Articulation There are eleven of these, one short of the theoretical maximum of twelve. \lMbial /p, b, p\ m/, [+labial] (Anderson 1971). 2 Ijabio-dental /f, v, f 7, [+labial]. At the phonological level these are not distinguished from the labials. 3 Dental /t, d, t\ n/, [+coronal, +anterior] (Chomsky and Halle 1968: 293-329). These are dental at the phonetic level, but at the phonological one are not distinguished from the following alveolar series.

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