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This dissertation is a entire grammar of Kokama-Kokamilla (KK), as spoken through approximately a thousand elders within the Peruvian Amazon. It provides unique documentation of the constructions of the language and the services they serve, with wealthy exemplification. This examine is predicated on major fieldwork due to the fact 1997, permitting the research to be grounded in textual content info. one among KK's such a lot salient typological beneficial properties is a

xxix, 918 p. : ailing. (some col.), maps

Adviser: Spike Gildea, Chairperson; Committee individuals: Doris Payne; Scott DeLancey; Francisco Queixalos; Lawrence Sugiyama  Read more...

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For this document I consulted Raúl Reyes y Reyes‟ version from 1942. 24 grande llamado Omaga, y son amigos que se juntan para dar Guerra a otros señores que están la tierra adentro…” [By May 12 we arrived to the province of Machiparo, who is great lord and has many people, neighbor of another great lord called Omaga; they are friends who get together to make war on other lords who live deep (in the forest)] (Carvajal 1942:25-26) “… salimos de la provincial de Machiparo y llegamos a otro no menor, que era el comencio de Omaguci…” [We left Machiparo and arrived to another area which was the dominion of Omaguci…] (Carvajal 1942:34).

In Peru it is still possible to find speakers, both of Kokama and Kokamilla, who have the full range of fluency and are capable of distinguishing finer subtleties and nuances in the language. Second, there is a consensus among anthropologists and historians alike that the Kokama-Kokamilla and Omaguas living in Peru are descendent from the Tupí ethnic group. As been pointed out by Lathtrap 1970, Chaumeil 1981, Rivas 2000, among many others, the migration of Tupí groups from Eastern Brazil towards the Western Amazon, centuries prior to the arrival of Spanish explorers, is clearly reported in early chronicles.

In El lenguaje de los hombres y de las mujeres en cocama, Faust (1963) explores very briefly the differences between masculine and feminine speech. In Faust (1972), she published a pedagogical grammar, Gramática cocama: lecciones para el aprendizaje del idioma cocama, addressed to a non-linguistic, Spanish-speaking audience wishing to acquire basic conversational skills. The lessons are organized into dialogues followed by grammatical description and exercises. The first modern work on Kokama came in a doctoral dissertation by Ana S.

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