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The comparison with Macalister’s (1914) material, collected in Jerusalem before 1908, is inconclusive since Macalister relies on just one single speaker. On the whole, however, this speaker’s usage tends to match the more ‘conservative’ cluster attested in the contemporary speech of the community. 4. Domari and Romani The relationship between Domari and Romani has been the focus of linguistic debates since Pott’s (1846) discussion of the language of the Syrian Gypsies. Both Domari and Romani are Indo-Aryan diaspora languages that lack any obvious affiliation to any particular present-day ‘sister-language’ in the Indian sub-continent.

KLJK L ӝ ࡗ X ࡱ Ԍ R H IURQW back ࣜ ͑ ɬ  ľ D ORZ Figure 1. Vowel sounds and vowel phonemes There is a strong tendency toward symmetry in the system of vowel phonemes. We find a high-front phoneme L, a high-back phoneme X, and a Inventory of sounds 37 low phoneme D, each with three variants. In the middle range, the front phoneme H continues the general pattern of high-low variants but the set lacks a centralised member. The corresponding back vowels pose some classification difficulties.

Aleppo), and recent work by Herin (2011, 2012, Aleppo). A further source from Damascus is a Dom story-teller by the name of Abu Ahmad, originally from a nomadic family based in Hauran in southwestern Syria, who was recorded by Frank Meyer in conjunction with ethnographic research on the community of Dom in Damascus (Meyer 1994). M-BEN P যDPPXUNDGL build-VTR-PAST-F Q ߅LUQč began-1PL JLU\DQL G६DQL R PDQǦQ stay-PAST-1PL S a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. OBL-BEN PDQҮUL stay-PAST-F NDPNDQL HKQ̌QD here work-VTR-1PL-PRG J̌QD HKQ̌QD again ࠭ and here যDPPXUNDǦQ build-VTR-PAST-1PL ࣢DUEҮO ࠭ and HKQ̌QD here work-VTR-1PL-PRG sieve ‘We used to live in Dirxabiyye.

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