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Platonism is the main pervasive philosophy of arithmetic. certainly, it may be argued that an inarticulate, half-conscious Platonism is almost common between mathematicians. the fundamental concept is that mathematical entities exist outdoor house and time, outdoors notion and topic, in an summary realm. within the extra eloquent phrases of Edward Everett, a exotic nineteenth-century American student, "in natural arithmetic we give some thought to absolute truths which existed within the divine brain prior to the morning stars sang jointly, and with the intention to live on there whilst the final in their radiant host shall have fallen from heaven.

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IS the ch ance that the rand om . bl . 1 than ual varia e IS ess or eq to fun' f In bols X, as a etlon 0 x, sym , if F is the cdf of the random variable X, then F(x) = P( X < = x). The cumulative distribution function must tend to zero as x C II :........... 1~tur,fue approaches minus inftnity, and must tend to unity as x approaches inftnity. It is a positive function, and increases monotonically: ify > x, thenF(y) >= F(x). The cumulative distribution function completely characterises the probability distribution of a random variable.

Such a test is useful to examine difference in rate between two binomial outcomes. The randomisation set consists of those reassignments of the units which produce tables with the same row and column totals as the outcome. The randomisation set will thus consist of a number of tables with different respective patterns of counts; each such table will have a number of possible randomisations which may be a very large number. For this test there are several reasonable test statistics, including : the count in anyone of the 4 cells, chi-squared, or the number of randomisations for each 2x2 table with the given row and II ======--=MJJthemlJnes I II Fisher'sl'&ll&ttest Iflexibly 63 column totals; these are equiva- ~ pothcsis be true, the two lent test statistics.

Value. The distnbutlon func- : b 50 . diPitlend I drawing II ~~~~~~~~=* • dividend ~ in the expression "a divided by ; b", a is the divident and b is the : . I diVIsor. a is the divident and b is the :I di VIsor. : • dodecagon. ~ a twelve-sided polygon I • dodecahedron ; a solid figure with 12 faces. A : regular dodecahedron is a ~ regular polyhedron with 12 I faces. Each face is a regular; pentagon. : I ; : ~ ; : ~ ; • domino two congruent squares joined along an edge. • dot a description of a point in which the point has a definite size • d ouble I"me graph s graphs in which two sets of data are graphed at the same time, connecting each set with line segments.

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