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34 Lesson 3: Nearest-Noun Agreement Errors 35 In Example 2, the problem is that the verb were mistakenly agrees with the nearest noun, cottages, rather than the actual subject of the sentence, one. Lesson 3 ACTUAL SUBJECT Example 2: NEAREST NOUN ✗ Last night, one of the new cottages were damaged in the storm. It is easy to make nearest-noun agreement errors when many words separate the subject of the sentence from the verb or when another noun comes between the subject of the sentence and the verb.

Sale/sell 3. authority/authorize 4. choose/choice 5. publish/publication Complete Thoughts As you learned above, sentences must have subjects and predicates. The second requirement for a sentence is that it must be able to stand alone as a complete thought. The reason for this second requirement is that there are other structures besides sentences that have subjects and predicates. Identifying Clauses The term clause includes all groups of words that have subjects and predicates, not just sentences.

I understand that the problem with the faucets has been fixed. com/commonsense Sentence Practice 2 CORRECTED SENTENCES APPEAR ON PAGE 459. In the following sentences, the verb is in boldface type. Jump to the beginning of the sentence and find the first word that makes sense as the subject. Underline this subject and then make the verb agree with it. If the form of the verb is correct, write OK above it. Example: OK The carpets we got for the new house need to be professionally cleaned. 1. The characteristics of the early hominid found in Java by an archaeologist is still under debate.

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