Download e-book for kindle: 2 Hot Girls On A Hot Summer Night (Eros Graphic Novel Series by Art Wetherell

By Art Wetherell

ISBN-10: 1560972033

ISBN-13: 9781560972037

This time-hopping sequence chronicles the naughty rompings of monumentally stacked English women, as they fulfill each other in a Sapphic frenzy in the course of the a long time!

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There’s a door there, concealed to look like part of the wall—but now it’s standing partially open. ” you ask, as you and Highbrow step through the door. You find yourself in a very long, dimly lit corridor lined with heavy doors. “This is where all our genetics experiments take place,” he tells you. You stop and shine the light in Highbrow’s face. “Genetic experiments? There are genetic experiments here? ” “Wuh, well, it’s all very—it’s highly scientific, you see, and we can’t—it’s on a need-to-know basis.

Topaz demands. Sikorsky shrugs violently. ” “Look,” you say, “we either go up or down. ” 32 Go on to the next page. ilt with just Places like this aren’t bu ow there’s You kn one entrance and exit. ay out.  .  climb some stairs to tr ce? closer to the surfa Turn to Page 21.  head down to try to ge t out through the sewer system ? Turn to Page 34. 33 34 Back in the corridor, you and Topaz confer in whispers. “If those eggs hatch, they’re going to be a lot harder to contain than General Razonoff and his goons,” Topaz says.

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2 Hot Girls On A Hot Summer Night (Eros Graphic Novel Series : No 4) by Art Wetherell

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